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Hill Bomb

This looks like a lot of fun.


6,400 Miles with Ruben Alcatara

Some really awesome footage in this edit.

American Hand

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. Had to post this up… American Hand is a series of documentaries, created by Jon Walley,  detailing the thoughts and processes that go into making American-made products. This video shows how FBM makes their frames…

Here is the description from the Vimeo page:

Joby Springsteen is a welder, musician & friend from Binghamton NY. He works for FBM Bikes, enjoys long walks on the beach, making his own music gear and eating Freschott pizza. Joby is part of a company that has grounded itself in DIY and American made pride since its very birth, people like Joby and FBM make us proud to ride bikes.

F&Y Wood Handlebars

Found these while browsing around. I’m kind of surprised that I’ve never seen any companies do this before. They are designed by F&Y which is based in Canada. They look really nice but I don’t know how much I would like riding with out any kind of shock absorbing material on the bars….

Madera – Tom Villarreal Edit

Awesome edit…

Blink Steady Bike Light

Finally someone has designed a nice looking bike light that you can leave installed on you bike when you have to lock it up. This light is waterproof and features torx screws so it’s harder to steal. The project was posted on kickstarter and has gone into full production, you can check that out here if you’re interested in picking one up. They start at $95 and feature an automatic on/off mechanism that is triggered by darkness, so once its installed you don’t have to do much besides change the batteries.

Empire Trailer

The video was apparently meant to be online yet, so I removed the link to the video. The video looks awesome, you should buy it. Go to the Empire site and preoder it.

Tom Dugan Etnies Edit

So here is the new Tom Dugan edit for Etnies. Even if you not really interested in BMX you should watch this because every single clip is ridiculous.

CULT Talk Is Cheap

Awesome trailer for CULT’s upcoming full length video Talk Is Cheap, which should be out sometime during the summer.


Empire Bowl Jam

Some awesome footage from the rebuilt Empire ramp. More super smooth film by Joe Rich and Ryan Navazio. This setup looks really fun.