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Tree precut for Woodworking

Saw this over on Core 77. Really interesting model showing the way trees are dissected when they are milled and sold as rough cut lumber. There are actually a lot of different ways to cut a tree apart depending on what the wood will be used for in the long run, but this gives you the general idea. Also its not real wood, it’s actually a polystyrene model, called “Billion Tree”, made by Vincent Kohler.


Google Art Project

I just found out about Google’s new site called Google Art Project. The site allows
you to browse artwork featured in major museums around the world in the same
way that the street view program in Google Maps works. This creates a virtual walking
tour of museums like the Met, MOMA, and the Tate as well as a handful of other
museums. Another really interesting feature of the site is a  mode where you
can view high resolution images in a gallery view (which can be seen in the
screen caps above). The site is really great already and it seems as if it only can
get better from here.

Link: http://www.googleartproject.com/