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Samurai Gunn

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/73198674 h=575&h=323]
I haven’t posted on here in a while but this game is awesome. Check here for the download…


American Hand

Sorry for the lack of posts as of late. Had to post this up… American Hand is a series of documentaries, created by Jon Walley,  detailing the thoughts and processes that go into making American-made products. This video shows how FBM makes their frames…

Here is the description from the Vimeo page:

Joby Springsteen is a welder, musician & friend from Binghamton NY. He works for FBM Bikes, enjoys long walks on the beach, making his own music gear and eating Freschott pizza. Joby is part of a company that has grounded itself in DIY and American made pride since its very birth, people like Joby and FBM make us proud to ride bikes.


These are really awesome. The Stickbulb designed by Rux, is made from recycled scrap wood, some of which was salvaged from the coney island boardwalk, and led light strips creating a modern, sleek light source. Here is the product description from their site:

New York City based design firm RUX re-imagines the light bulb with its latest collection, the versatile, playful, and strikingly simple StickBulb. The design and manufacturing for the LED powered StickBulb is done in RUX’s New York City workshop using a wide variety of materials, from maple to sun-bleached Ipe salvaged from the Coney Island boardwalk.

Empire Trailer

The video was apparently meant to be online yet, so I removed the link to the video. The video looks awesome, you should buy it. Go to the Empire site and preoder it.

Shane Weston Fly Edit

So many awesome tricks in here that I’ve never seen before. Really good…

Feather Cycles

Cool video from Feather Cycles that shows a bit of a very small scale frame production process.

Video Games in Real Life

These are awesome. You can find a full gallery here… there are a bunch of other good ones.


These guys rock.

Nick Anderson edit

last clip is sweeet.

Chairs and Birds

Sorry for the lack of updates…. started a new job this week and have been fairly busy. This is cool.