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The Bakery

Here’s a video of Cory Martinez really taking it to another level. The video is from a new bmx site called The Bakery, which is run by Brian Kachinsky. The idea seems like its going to be pretty similar to the Berrics. This is the info section from the site:

Chicago, IL March 29, 2011
Today Professional BMX rider Brian Kachinsky is unveiling a new website in conjunction with his new private facility in his hometown of Chicago. A historic landmark and former bread factory is now home to an indoor street riding haven. This facility was designed with BMX street riding in mind and is sheltered from Chicago’s, oftentimes, harsh weather. The Bakery, which has been under construction over the past month, (with help from Nate Wessel, 4 Seasons Skatepark and Brian’s friends), is finally completed…

Site and park both look awesome.


Miss the Ramps

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