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Richard Proenneke

I remember watching this video on PBS a few years ago and not being able to turn it off. In this documentary they depict the life of Richard Proenneke and his solitary life in the Alaskan wilderness. This video is just an excerpt of the DVD but I can tell you that the DVDs are definitely worth it.


Old ramp building photos

Found some old pictures of the ramp in my driveway being built. I know the bowl corners are done wrong but they turned out pretty good anyway.

Cat Drinking Fountain

Our cat is constantly wanting to drink from the bathroom faucet, which can become annoying quickly so I decided that it was time to build a cat drinking fountain that she could use at her leisure. I built the fountain using the pump from a zen garden, a bendy soda straw and a plastic vase from Ikea. It turned out pretty good and she started drinking from it in a couple days. I’m going to add a filtration device and some sort of cover for the pump in the future. Check the video to see it in action…