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BioLite Camp Stove

So I just received an email stating that BioLite is taking reservations for their camp stove, which is awesome. I’ve posted things on here before about this little stove but here’s a quick overview. The stove can use almost any material you can find on the ground while camping, whether it be sticks or leaves (any Biomass), to quickly boil water or provide heat. The extra feature that the BioLite includes is a USB charging port which can charge electronics while you’re cooking your dinner. So basically you can leave your solar charger or battery pack at home if you have one of these and a small stack of kindling. They are selling for $129 which I think is a great price. Check their shopify page to reserve one now, they ship for next years camping season.


Camping Gadgets

Water bottle/ dry container with solar led light in cap – Lightcap
Fork, Spoon, Knife- folds together for storage – Hobo Tool
Camping stove that uses no gas and generates electricity – Biolite Camp Stove
Travel toothbrush with toothpaste storage and replacable bristles – OHSO Toothbrush

Thought this might be appropriate since camping/kayaking season is just starting to ramp up. I really want the Biolite stove to go into production as it’s not currently available for purchase. Their website says Spring of this year but I couldn’t find any more info. More camping gadget updates soon…