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Kaspar Hamacher Table

Nice process video of a small side table. I really like the idea of charring the inside of the legs. The table was built by Kaspar Hamacher, check out his site for more furniture.


Exploded Eames Lounge

Really nice exhibit featuring an exploded Eames loung chair. I think this is at the Henry Ford Museum but I could not find a working link. I really need to get a hold of one of these chairs…

Woodgrain Bike Frame

A while back I posted a few pictures of hand painted woodgrain bike frames. While I was browsing around I came across the video above, which is a process video that shows the steps taken by Rob Pollock when he custom paints each frame. I would love to have this done to my bmx bike…

The video was made by Etsy and Rob’s Woodgrain Bikes.

Proteigon Stop Motion Short

Really nicely done stop motion short done by animator Steven Briand.

Spotted on: ThisisColossal

The Wall of Death

Saw this the other day as I was browsing around the web. Video is really well done. It’s about The Wall of Death, a traveling motorcycle show. The short film was created by Benedict Campbell who has done other motorcycle centric films, which are excellent as well. Check his vimeo page for more cool videos.

Dark Side of the Lens


Here is another video I found about the Eames’.

Dieter Rams “Less and More”

Spotted on: Vimeo

History of Video Games

Found these while browsing around Vimeo. The first video is pretty cool, it shows the evolution of gaming technology and how input and game play styles have changed over the years. The second video is a comprehensive look at the development and design of video game consoles (it’s really long). I was not aware of how many gaming consoles were released in 1977 alone. Both are great watches if you have some extra time on your hands.

Modest Mouse “Whale song”

Cool video for the “Whale song” by Modest Mouse.