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Wood Bicycle

Cool angular bike design. I don’t remember where I came across this but its worth posting. Also this exploded image of a ten speed is pretty nice.


Modern Log Cabins

I need to live in a log cabin like these at some point in my life…

Old ramp building photos

Found some old pictures of the ramp in my driveway being built. I know the bowl corners are done wrong but they turned out pretty good anyway.

Tree precut for Woodworking

Saw this over on Core 77. Really interesting model showing the way trees are dissected when they are milled and sold as rough cut lumber. There are actually a lot of different ways to cut a tree apart depending on what the wood will be used for in the long run, but this gives you the general idea. Also its not real wood, it’s actually a polystyrene model, called “Billion Tree”, made by Vincent Kohler.

Minimalist iPad Cover

I was wondering how long it would take for someone to improve the new cover that comes with the iPad 2. Miniot’s version looks nice and its made of wood, like the rest of their gadget product line. Check the video to see it in action…

Product Page:Miniot Holland

Miss the Ramps

Float Table

This coffee table was designed by Rock Paper Robot

The blocks are held together by a series of wires and
magnets, which allows the blocks to be spongy to the
touch. Sweet.

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