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Blink Steady Bike Light

Finally someone has designed a nice looking bike light that you can leave installed on you bike when you have to lock it up. This light is waterproof and features torx screws so it’s harder to steal. The project was posted on kickstarter and has gone into full production, you can check that out here if you’re interested in picking one up. They start at $95 and feature an automatic on/off mechanism that is triggered by darkness, so once its installed you don’t have to do much besides change the batteries.


Objects with Hidden Compartments

Found this video of objects with secret stash or hidden compartments. The end table and desk are really cool. I wonder how the wood is made sturdy and kept from warping, since some of the areas are really thin (especially on the desk). Watch the video if you like furniture and objects that are more than what you observe at first glance.

BioLite Camp Stove

So I just received an email stating that BioLite is taking reservations for their camp stove, which is awesome. I’ve posted things on here before about this little stove but here’s a quick overview. The stove can use almost any material you can find on the ground while camping, whether it be sticks or leaves (any Biomass), to quickly boil water or provide heat. The extra feature that the BioLite includes is a USB charging port which can charge electronics while you’re cooking your dinner. So basically you can leave your solar charger or battery pack at home if you have one of these and a small stack of kindling. They are selling for $129 which I think is a great price. Check their shopify page to reserve one now, they ship for next years camping season.

Invisible Speaker

Cool concept for a speaker that fits into almost any room, since it’s nearly invisible. It’s WiFi compatible and comes with a dongle that will fit any headphone jack so it’s easy stream music onto it. The speaker comes packed in a small box and the owner has to order the sheets of glass to fit into the speaker box once assembled. It is still in the pre-production phase so head over to People People for more information and updates as they become available.

Everyday Carry

Came acoss a cool blog today. It’s called Everyday Carry. They post up items that people carry every day with them, so I came up with my own for the picture (above, the one below I stole off their site). They also post the contents of the EDC and sometimes links to the items. Head over to their site to check out other peoples EDCs, it’s pretty interesting.

Joe Simon Heli Cam

Joe Simon captured some really great footage at the new skate park in Austin. TX using a rc helicopter and a 7d.  Really nice to see bmx from new angles. Keep up the awesome edits.

Spotted on: Mutiny’s Vimeo 

Carabiner Key

This is a great idea – key/caribiner hybrid. Might have to pick one up… available here.

Leica Factory

Nice video of the production process at the Leica lens factory in Germany.

Spotted at: Wired Gadget Lab

Mini Arcade Cabinet

I want one of these! cool diy project.

Spotted on: Oh Gizmo!


This is a cool watch concept that’s actually going into production. Check the product page for more information on the Mutewatch.