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Video Games

Samurai Gunn

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/73198674 h=575&h=323]
I haven’t posted on here in a while but this game is awesome. Check here for the download…


Mini Arcade Cabinet

I want one of these! cool diy project.

Spotted on: Oh Gizmo!

External Hard Drives

Saw these on Etsy a while ago. I could not find the wood ones again but the NES drives are available here in up to 1TB drives and with any NES game cartridge as the enclosure.

History of Video Games

Found these while browsing around Vimeo. The first video is pretty cool, it shows the evolution of gaming technology and how input and game play styles have changed over the years. The second video is a comprehensive look at the development and design of video game consoles (it’s really long). I was not aware of how many gaming consoles were released in 1977 alone. Both are great watches if you have some extra time on your hands.

Video Game Deaths

Montage of video game deaths with 8-bit version of Mad World. Saw this on Joystiq.