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Wood Desk and Benches

I thought these were cool. I don’t remember where any of them came from… found them lurking on my hard drive and I figured I might as well put them on here.



These are really awesome. The Stickbulb designed by Rux, is made from recycled scrap wood, some of which was salvaged from the coney island boardwalk, and led light strips creating a modern, sleek light source. Here is the product description from their site:

New York City based design firm RUX re-imagines the light bulb with its latest collection, the versatile, playful, and strikingly simple StickBulb. The design and manufacturing for the LED powered StickBulb is done in RUX’s New York City workshop using a wide variety of materials, from maple to sun-bleached Ipe salvaged from the Coney Island boardwalk.

Aluminum and Wood Table

Update: Thanks to a comment by thealexmac I now know that this table is actually not concrete but rather the legs are made of aluminum. Here is a link to the Hilla Shamia’s portfolio page which has more information on the table.

Came across this while browsing around. I really like the contrast between the wood and concrete aluminum and how the concrete aluminum creates veins within the wood plank. There was no info with the when I found it so if anyone knows who built it let me know in the comments.

Matthew Hilton I-Beam Side Table

This I-beam side table is awesome. I think its really interesting to make objects out of different materials than they are normally made out of. Also I really like the joinery that is used on the bottom table. Check out more of Matthew Hilton’s work here.

Kaspar Hamacher Table

Nice process video of a small side table. I really like the idea of charring the inside of the legs. The table was built by Kaspar Hamacher, check out his site for more furniture.

Turned Lampshade

I want to try and make a wooden  lampshade like this one. It looks like it would be not to bad to turn one on a lathe.

Applied Pressure Desk

So here is a really different idea for a desk. The video above shows a desk that focuses on applied pressure and user interaction. Each drawer requires a different amount of pressure to close and forces the user to be aware of their own actions. If you apply to much pressure to a drawer, air is sent through a compartment in the desk which pushes another drawer open. Pretty cool idea and the craftsmanship on the desk is really nice as well.

Seen on: Sangyhyeok Lee’s Vimeo Page

Exploded Eames Lounge

Really nice exhibit featuring an exploded Eames loung chair. I think this is at the Henry Ford Museum but I could not find a working link. I really need to get a hold of one of these chairs…

Hidden Compartment Desk

So I did a little searching around and I found some better images of the desk that was featured in the video I posted earlier. Check after the break for some close ups of this clever design… (more…)

Objects with Hidden Compartments

Found this video of objects with secret stash or hidden compartments. The end table and desk are really cool. I wonder how the wood is made sturdy and kept from warping, since some of the areas are really thin (especially on the desk). Watch the video if you like furniture and objects that are more than what you observe at first glance.